3 Reasons Why You Should Spring in Springwall
March 21, 2019
When people enter the studio for the first time and see the Springwalls, we are often asked - what is a Springwall? How does it work? And why? After 3 decades of taking or teaching nearly every fitness class, our client Jilda - a former kinesiologist and current exercise fanatic explains how the Pilates Springwall changed everything for her!
Crew Q's - Meet Laurie
January 14, 2019
Crew Qs: Meet Laurie In our first Crew Qs, we caught up with Laurie. The 44-year-old television executive shares how pounding the pavement led her to a love for indoor water rowing and a mind and body transformation.
Wow at First Whoosh - The Inspiration for Núcleo Pilates & Rowing
January 2, 2019
Núcleo Fitness is a great story that comes from the heart - check out our first blog post to learn more about the inspiration behind Núcleo Pilates & Rowing