3 Reasons Why You Should Spring in Springwall

  • March 21, 2019

Have you tried Springwall yet?  A year ago I’d hadn’t even heard of it, and I thought I’d tried it all. 

I’ve always been a “sporty girl.” I’ve had gym memberships since 16, studied kinesiology at McGill, and in addition to regular workouts, I played team sports and still run regularly.   

I’m also a “retired” fitness instructor. I taught everything from Spinning to Step to Tae Bo – you can say I’ve got a few thousand fitness miles under my belt.

So, when the opportunity to try Springwall came up – functional movements resisting against springs attached to the wall – I thought really how different could it be?

Was I ever wrong. And a year into it, I’ve got the results to prove it.  Let me tell you the 3 reasons why you should try it too:

  • Functional and Fun. I’m constantly amazed by how fun it is. When I put my kinesiology hat on, I know the wobble of the springs is challenging muscle systems in an asymmetrical way that builds strength and balance.  But that same wobble also makes me giggle. Sometimes I feel like I’m learning a new circus trick.  Honestly, who doesn’t want a little extra fun in their workout?
  • Reshaping Possibilities. While my goal isn’t weight loss, I can’t ignore the fact that Springwall is changing my shape. My clothes fit better – especially around the middle. Blazers button up more easily and dresses skim in all the right ways. I feel like my mommy tummy is (almost) gone – something I thought was impossible. 
  • Back Pain Be Gone. Yes, I said it.  My chronic back pain (yup, from sitting in front of a laptop all day) is gone. Or at least it’s gone from all the time to almost never. And I know it’s not magic – unless it’s the magical way that Spingwall improves your core strength with every move.   

So, can you tell I’m hooked?  And I’m shouting it from the rooftops.  And of all the activities and sports I’ve done, I’ve never felt so evangelical about any other because I really, really believe everyone can benefit from Springwall. 

Jilda Lazer is a professional consultant, holds a kinesiology degree from McGill University and is the #momboss of her family of four. Instagram: @jildalazer