Wow at First Whoosh - The Inspiration for Núcleo Pilates & Rowing

  • January 2, 2019

The Inspiration for Núcleo Pilates & Rowing

I was a studio rat.   You know – one of those precious clients who had numerous memberships on her fitness app and would go to “that” studio for a Pilates class, and “this” studio for a strength class, and another studio for a cardio class. or would make yet another studio one of my faves because of an amazing instructor.  

Then one day, I went to one of my most visited studios for a circuit class and there was a new piece of equipment – a water rower.  I remember thinking to myself “Oh! It’s an erg with water… I’m not sure about this.” 

The class started.  With the first “whoosh” of the water in the tank I was hooked - I loved that sound, and seeing the power of the water as the paddle moved it in the tank, that feeling of natural resistance was remarkable!!  

Then, I heard the instructor’s cue - “Engage your glutes and push with your legs.”  I did.  Wait a minute – I thought – this is like pushing off the bar on a Pilates Reformer.  And the same deep core activation was required for both. 

And at that moment, the idea was born – to fuse indoor water rowing and Pilates. Together they balance all muscle groups and build unparalleled strength and stamina and the foundation for long-term health and well-being.

After considerable research and consultation, and an immersion in the Spanish language on a trip to Spain, “núcleo” was born. It means core in Spanish – and it’s at the centre of everything we do in our boutique studio.

Today my inspiration comes from our clients, and the community we are building.  I am graced with the privilege of assisting people in overcoming their fears, their injuries, their physical and mental limitations, and reaching and exceeding their goals.  I am motivated by an amazing crew of highly qualified coaches who practice what they preach, who truly care about well being and living your best life, and who stretch themselves to develop and deliver continuously fun and beneficial training.  And I am lifted by the amazing “engine” I have built for giving back to the community in my ongoing support of the Women’s Brain Health Initiative.  

And finally, I continue to be inspired by the need for change in me – to launch this studio, and to grow it – I have discovered creativity in myself that I didn’t realize was there. That deeply inspires me to keep going, I hope it inspires you too!